earning online methods

1. Earn from ptc online jobs

Ptc online job is very simple. Anybody can do this work. Here you can make some extra income online by clicking ads( advertisements). Apart from viewing ads, they have other ways of earning money like completing surveys and tasks. And if you are very smart to make people join under you then you will get good commissions.

2. Earn from micro freelancing jobs

Micro freelancer jobs means the small jobs provided by some employer or Advertiser . If you have little knowledge about internet then you can do this work. Works are like commenting in youtube videos, giving a g+ like, posting in online forums, many more small tasks.

3. Earn from survey sites

From survey sites you will earn money by providing your opinions. There are two kinds of surveys one is daily survey and another is research survey. Daily survey are about your lifestyle and research surveys are product specific.

4. Earn from youtube and free blogspot blog

YouTube and Blogspot are product of Google. All of you may know about the YouTube. It is the largest  video sharing community on the internet. People watch the YouTube videos for entertaining purpose. But you can earn money from it simply joining its partnership program

Blogspot is another product of google where you can create your own blog. Its a free platform where you can publish your own articles and share your own knowledge. Once your blog will be popular you can earn money by monetizing it with google adsense ads.

5. Forum posting job

Get paid for posting in forums. Forum is a discussion board where people discuss about various topic like your daily life, education, politics, sports, online earning, music, many more. You can start a discussion by creating a thread or you can reply others discussions  both way you will be get paid.

This is a very simple job. At least if you can write 2 sentence then you can earn money. From each thread you create or reply others you can earn from $0.01 to $0.50 . It is just like interacting with your friends as you do in facebook.

6. Earn from reading commercial emails

This is like ptc sites. Here you will make money by viewing ads. But the difference is here you will be notified via emails that number of paid ads is waiting for you to click. Hits4pay is a site a which pays you by reading their commercial ads.

7. Earn from CPA offers

CPA offers are known as cost per action. CPA is a kind of internet marketing where you will be paid by promoting their product. Here you should not have to sell anything to get commissions but all you have to do is provide them the lead.

That means once you joined with CPA network they will give the product link to promote via your blog or social networking sites. If any body clicked your affiliate link and take an action like providing their email or ph.no. then you will be paid.

These are all  7 free and easy online home based jobs you can try from your home. Later we will update other new ways to earn money online.